• Luggage room at theatre`s box office is open every day of the festival from 14:00 until the start of the last performace

FESTIVAL BUS• Free festival bus departs from Rakvere Theatre to performances that are further away, this year to Rahu Hall and Haljala Cultural Centre and later back to Rakvere Theatre.
• Free festival bus from Rakvere to Tallinn after the last performance departs from Rakvere Theatre. The seats to the bus will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. There might not be enough seats for everyone interested.
NB! This year there is no festival bus from Tallinn to Rakvere as during day-time people can use public transport. 

Rakvere–Tallinn schedule:

After festival day of Wednesday, July 3 Rakvere–Tallinn ~ 00:30 (departure time already on next date) 
After festival day of Thursday, July 4 Rakvere–Tallinn ~ 00:30 (departure time already on next date)
After festival day of Friday, July 5 Rakvere–Tallinn ~ 00:00 (midnight)
After festival day of Saturday July 6 Rakvere–Tallinn ~ 01:00 (departure time already on next date)