• Luggage room at theatre`s box office is open every day of the festival from 12:00 until the start of the last performace



• Free festival bus from Tallinn to Rakvere departures from Go Hotel Shnelli nearby main railway station Balti jaam and from Rakvere back to Tallinn after the last performance in front of Rakvere theatre.
NB! The seats to the bus will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. There might not be enough seats for everyone interested.

Wednesday, July the 1st Tallinn–Rakvere 15:30; Rakvere–Tallinn ~ 00:30

Thursday, July the 2nd Tallinn–Rakvere 12:00; Rakvere–Tallinn ~ 00:30

Friday, July the 3rd Tallinn–Rakvere 12:00; Rakvere–Tallinn ~ 00:45

Saturday, July the 4th Tallinn–Rakvere 12:00; Rakvere–Tallinn ~ 00:20

One of the two rules has to be followed when driving in a bus:
1) 50% of maximum seats taken
2) Using desinfectant and face mask (provided in the bus)