Sihtkoht teadmata 12 HMR

The production „Destination Unknown 12HMR“ presents us a diverse and universalized portrait of the lives of young people, of graduation, of the crossing of splitting roads, of growing up in a small town and dreams for the future. What could be expected, is sentimentality in all its colors, as well as explosive energy to move on, erasing all the traces.

The performers are the fresh graduates from Rakvere High School of Sciences – the experts of their age – with whom Liisa Saaremäel and Emer Värk will create a spatial experience, where documentary material and its fictitious interpretation are closely interwoven. The space of the production is a meeting place for the young and the audience in order to activate the controversial body of memory, containing beauty, misunderstanding and cutting sharpness.

What is this last moment that precedes a new chapter?

Withering flowers and endless capturing of time at the graduation ceremony. Is it the last chance to open yourself up and exhibit? The first kiss and someone’s curls sliding into potato salad. Are you surrounded by a constrained community or friends for life? How many times have you heard the words “spread your wings” or “you’re as clever as ever”? Showing the finger to everything and absolute uncertainty towards the future. What will come of your empty room or the jokes of your gang that no one else will ever get? Will we be seeing each other again, my friends and foes, in ten years, at the reunion … Sudden tears and freedom.

You might remember that moment, but I hardly believe you.

P.S. Everything starts and ends with a party!

Wed, 6.07 18:00 Carola, Kuke 3

Thu, 7.07 18:30 Carola, Kuke 3




Duration 90 min

Language no problem

Not accessible with wheelchair