LIIS VARES “Where are you?”
/ choreographic space /
Where: Apartment 34 (telephone +372 32 45605) and 

Official visits to the physical space:
6.07  14.00–20.00
7.07  11.00–14.00; 17.00–20.00
8.07  11.00–14.00
9.07  16.00–20.00

Virtual window to the apartment is open at every day at 11:00 – 20:00

LV: “Few years ago I came here just to be. To have less to do and more time to observe what is already there. Here one can take time and give time. Forget oneself and find again. When being here, something might even happen. When a plan comes up, it will for sure change. Here every moment leaves a trace.”

This apartment is a typical living space built on 1973 with all conveniences and where every room has its certain function that has for decades allocated the rhythm and ways of being and moving for the people that have lived here. This apartment has its past and its future, but in our focus is this current time and the people who meet here during July 6-9.

Liis Vares is a choreographer and artist. In the center of her practice is the contemporary body. Attention is her ‘dancer’ with whom she dances in black box, white cube and on grayscale online platform. She plays with borderlines between physical and mental, between personal and social. By following her research question: how does it feel/what does it mean to be in a body, she is diving more and more into transmedial spheres of art and being.

Anthropologies of Space

“Where are you?” is part of an interdisciplinary (performance)art project “Anthropologies of Space”  initiated by eˉlektron. It will result in the creation of three new works at this year’s Baltoscandal. As the name suggests, artists deal with space and human. The environment and conditions around us are something that we perceive on a daily basis as "the thing in itself" - something that has been given to us but has become more and more strongly influenced today. Be it a global pandemic or a virtual reality that is becoming more and more a regular part of our sense of space.