Nazisuperpeople are better than you all – The Horror of the Ordinary


The Nazi Super People hire a choir so they can travel on their voices. A choir with angels and trumpets. They’re supposed to sing Wagner but they only know Verdi. “Whatever”, think the Supernazis.

For their slogan is: make space. And their need for fresh air and wide, open spaces is mightier than any hatred. The Supernazis mow down everything and anything that’s in their way because they realise that destruction makes the world so much less complicated.

They don’t have a blueprint or a plan; they just want to create space, empty space. They don’t want to be understood. They consider any attempts in this direction as being superficial. Being misunderstood worries them not a jot.

The others pass things down to posterity by making them sacred and thereby conserving them. The Supernazis, however, make every situation practicable before liquidating them.

They don’t see anything as being permanent and for this very reason, they see paths everywhere. And because they see paths everywhere, they have to clear everything out of their path.

(Based on ‘The Destructive Character’ by Walter Benjamin)



Idea, concept, stage/room and costume: Showcase Beat le Mot

Music: Albrecht Kunze

She Wolf Sharon: Sharon Smith

Costumes: Tanja Jesek, Clemens Leander

Constructions: Christian Wenzel, Andrej Trofimoff

Video: Alexej Tscherny

Graphics: Anne Kube

Lighting: Sebastian Zamponi

Sound: Albrecht Kunze

Production Manager: Olaf Nachtwey

Production by: Beat le Mot and the Neues Theater, Halle

Funded by: Federal Cultural Foundation Doppelpass Theatre Co-operation Programme



Duration: 150min

The performance is in English.



7 July  22.30-1.00     BARN    BUY TICKET

8 July  18.30-21.00   BARN    BUY TICKET