Marie-Caroline Hominal is Raymonda, Marco Berrettini is Taylor. A dance begins…

After "iFeel" (2009) and its angers inside our modern societies, and "Si, Viaggiare" (2010) which was attempting to reset a communion between beings, "iFeel2" displays the mutations, the evolutions, the metamorphosis that the individual and the social "bubbles" practice in real life. There is a real emerging need to once again ask the question: Why are we here, on this earth? And what value can we assign to the birth of life? Berrettini has been working with some texts and books from the German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk for many years. For "iFeel2", he has selected "You have to change your life" ("Du mußt dein Leben ändern"), published in 2010. The current dance extends from a certain desire of acrobatic virtuosity to some more spiritual streams flirting with psychoanalysis, religion and the search of inner consciousness, the Jungian shadow. The performance is a mix of this multitrack life. Finally, the music for "iFeel2" has been created beforehand, by the more or less pop band, Summer Music, formed by Samuel Pajand and Marci Berrettini.They wanted to compose their own libretto, to choreograph from the music and not the opposite.

""iFeel2" draws its strenghts from our shadows with the certainty that this introspection will make us brighter…" Marco Berrettini

Marco Berrettini's interest in dancing began in 1978, when he won the German championship of Disco Dancing. Thereupon he decides to improve his technical skills with classes and workshops in Jazz and Modern Dance and Classical ballet. He finds interest in German Tanztheater and in the next 10 years he'll work under the influence of Pina Bausch, especially concerning the "form" of how a show is built. Straight after the diploma as a dancer he tries to build up his own company in Wiesbaden, but without any success. In 1988 he signs a contract with a French dance company. This time he is luckier. In 1999 the Kampnagel Theatre in Hamburg produces his show "MULTI(S)ME". Following the advice of the director Res Bosshart, his Company, strong of 12 members, changes its name. *MELK PROD. is born. Since then Marco Berrettini, in collaboration with his Company, has produced more than 25 pieces and won some prizes like the ZKB PRIZE at the Theaterspektakel Festival in Zurich. In 2009, Marco Berrettini created "iFeel", in 2011 "Si,Viaggiare", in 2012 a duet called "iFeel2", danced by himself and Marie-Caroline Hominal. But his best "creation" is and will be Stella, his 6 years old daughter.

Marie-Caroline Hominal received a dance training at Schweizerische Ballettberufschule in Zürich and at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in London. Her choreographic works, mainly solos or duos, are: the tryptique; "Fly Girl" (2008), "Yaksu Exit Number 9" (2010) & "Voice Over" (2011), "BAT" (2012). The performances "Patricia poses by the pop machine" (2011), "Cindy punch pop acid" (2011) & "In bed with MadMoiselle" (2013). Besides, Marie-Caroline Hominal regularly collaborates with other artists like François Chaignaud, Clive Jenkins, Cristian Vogel, Kim Boninsegni and recently with her brother the visual artist David Hominal for the performance "Two birds at swim, at birds two swim, at two birds swim" (2012). Under the name MCH, she has made videos that were shown in numerous festivals in Europe and USA. Since 1998 she has been performing with choreographers and companies such as the Tanztheater Basel, Blanca Li, Gisèle Vienne, Gilles Jobin, La Ribot, Marco Berrettini.

Samuel Pajand, after completing audiovisual studies at the Brest university, started in 2000 working as a sound technician at the Menagerie de Verre. He created the sound for performances by Judith Depaule, Gildas Milin, Joachim Latarjet, Vincent Macaigne. He is a member of the *MELK PROD. / Marco Berrettini company since 2006 and he collaborates on a regular basis with Claudia Triozzi and Marta Izquierdo. Along with Fred costa, he is part of the more or less improvised music band Complexité faible. He forms a more or less pop band with Marco Berrettini.



Made by: Ivana Müller

In Collaboration With: Andrea Bozic, David Weber Krebs, Jonas Rutgeerts

Lighting Design & Technical Coordination: Martin Kaffarnik

Production: I’M’COMPANY

With the Financial Support of: Performing Arts Fund NL, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and SNS Reaal Fonds.

With kind support of: Het Veem theatre, Amsterdam



Duration: 60min

Language no problem.



8 July  23.00-00.00    SPORTS CHURCH    SOLD OUT

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