We Are Still Watching


We Are Still Watching is performed by spectators; by an instant community of "audience members" that changes every evening of the show. And as they change, the piece also radically changes every time that it is performed.

We Are Still Watching has the form of a "reading rehearsal" in which spectators encounter each other while reading a script together. During approximately an hour spent in company of each other, spectators create and perform a community, making decisions individually and collectively while "simply" reading a text that someone else has written for them.

In the "mini-society" that’s being created each evening of the show, everybody slowly but surely gets his or her role… Everybody speaks in the "I-form", everybody reads badly and everybody engages one way or another although no one ever read the script before and no one knows what will happen next. We Are Still Watching is a piece in which the idea of "spectacle" slowly shifts to where we least expect it. Something that for a moment could look like a bad theatre play, becomes an invitation to look beyond what is being scripted. While still staying in the realm of theatre and representation We Are Still Watching leaves place for something "real" to happen.

"If you're just comfortably assuming you have all the agency in your life, you should go get shaken by this play." Portland Mercury, 2013

"The excellent ‘We Are Still Watching’ is an exception to the rule’ (…) Let’s pass on the finesse of the writing (it requires quite some talent to imagine the reactions of the different spectator profiles when facing such a dilemma), it’s the device itself of this smart and self-reflective piece that surprises by its evocative power". Libération, 2014

We Are Still Watching was made by Ivana Müller in collaboration with Amsterdam based choreographer Andrea Bozic, Brussels based artist and theatre director David Weber-Krebs & Brussels based dramaturge Jonas Rutgeerts. The piece was developed within the framework of Ivana Müller's Encounters project (Frascati, Amsterdam 2012) and created in English. At this moment the piece exists in English, French, German, Croatian, and Slovak translations.



Made by: Ivana Müller

In Collaboration With: Andrea Bozic, David Weber Krebs, Jonas Rutgeerts

Lighting Design & Technical Coordination: Martin Kaffarnik

Production: I’M’COMPANY

With the Financial Support of: Performing Arts Fund NL, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and SNS Reaal Fonds.

With kind support of: Het Veem theatre, Amsterdam



Premiere: 27.11.2012 Frascati theatre, Amsterdam

Duration: 60min

The performance is in English on 7th and 8th of July. / The Performance is in Estonian on the 9th of July.*


7 July  18.30-19.30    STUDIO     sold out

8 July  16.00-17.00    STUDIO     sold out

9 July  18.00-19.00*    STUDIO     sold out