This Baltoscandal is already the fourteenth, yet it is already 26 years since the first festival. It makes one think. 
In some ways, the current situation in society is similar to the time when Peeter Jalakas and the Von Krahl Theatre began their festival. It was something that had to be done, not something that could be done. You could not do without it. 
Once again our identity, the essence of our independence and values are relevant. Does the festival or art itself have a role in this discussion?

Baltoscandal is about performing arts and therefore, the subjects and issues are personal, coming straight from the author. The selected artists are people from among us, not from some mythical heights. The performances of the festival ask, investigate and talk about isolation, freedom, openness, heroes, nationality, utopias, morality, religion, ambivalence, madness, resoluteness, the power and feebleness of the word, history, context, prejudice, interpretations, variety, discomfort, truth and those telling it. In other words, about life. Subjectively. Theatrically. 

I would like to repeat what has been said at many festivals – we do not wish to teach anyone anything, we wish to pose questions that interest us, that we deal with from day to day. We, the festival organisers, can do this through the productions and artists we have invited here. 
Baltoscandal would not be what it is without its social aspect. This year again, we have the festival club, where you can entertain yourself, but also just pass the time comfortably. The festival is a party and meetings. 
So let’s meet!

Priit Raud 
Artistic director of Baltoscandal



Dear scandalizers,

Rakvere is a city known for its varied cultural life. We are happy about the frequent enquiries about the next Men’s Dance Festival, the next Punk Song Festival, our other interesting plans for the future. These enquiries are easy to answer because these good old things and fascinating new events will arrive without fail. 

We plan to build a new and more versatile stage complex with all the accompanying features on the Vallimägi hill. Preparations have been going on for quite some time and hopefully we can begin next spring. I am sure the theatre people of Rakvere have already some ideas as to what to do with the place!

However, this summer is once again the summer of Baltoscandal. It is already the twelfth time that Baltoscandal is held in Rakvere, but I am sure that the most ardent festival fans remember the first two Baltoscandals held in Pärnu. We are very happy to meet you all again. Baltoscandal offers plenty of good and interesting theatre. Often also physically hot theatre because the halls are packed and there can be a shortage of air. It is a nice inevitability that comes from the wish to let everyone in, so that no one has to be sad, left out in the warm summer night. 

I hope you will find the time to get to know the city of Rakvere a little more. I do not know if you have a few hours for a tour in our castle with its 800 years of history, but you will certainly have time to get acquainted with the symbol of Rakvere, the Tarvas crowning the Vallimäe hill. The Tarvas is admittedly more than seven metres long and five metres high, but taking a closer look at this work by sculptor Tauno Kangro, you are sure to discover that even with these dimensions, a sculpture can appear very graceful indeed. 

Enjoy these July days and come back to Rakvere!

Mihkel Juhkami
Mayor of Rakvere