Lazyblood is a duet with Valdimar Jóhannsson and Erna Ómarsdóttir were the concert format is explored. The music is electronic juxtaposing hard metal influences, storytelling and 80´s horror movie soundtracks, where the space between two songs is as important as the songs themselves and the theatrical and physical input is extreme.

Lazyblood has been performing in both theatre, dance and music festivals around Europe such as Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels, Les anticodes in Brest, Pneu festival at Scene Salzburg and Kyoto experiment in Japan as well as the music festival Iceland Airwaves in Reykjavík amongst others.

We promise you that every single audience member will go home with a smile on their face and warmth in their hearts. Possibly a life saving experience.

Erna Ómarsdóttir graduated from PARTS in Brussels in 1998. After graduation she worked several years with some internationally aclaimed directors and choreographers such as Jan Fabre, Sidi Larbi Cherkoui and Ballet c de la B. Last years she has been creating and performing her own work internationally as well as in Iceland such as "IBM 1401 (a users manual)" (2002) and "The Mysteries of love" (2006) created in collaboration with the composer, Jóhann Jóhannsson. She has been creating and directing for the Iceland dance company," We are all Marlene Dietrich FOR", (2005) in collaboration with Janes Janza (Emil Hrvatin) and in colloboration with Damien Jalet and Gabríela Fridriksdóttir "Transaquania (out of the Blue)" 2009 and "Tranaquania-into thin air" (2010). Together with musician Valdimar Jóhannsson, she founded their dance-company called Shalala in (2008). Their latest works are "We Saw Monsters" (2011), "Teach us to outgrow our madness" (2009), "To the bone" (2013) and the concert performance "Lazyblood".

Valdimar Jóhannsson is a musician and a composer who recently started his dancing career.

He founded in 2008, together with Erna Ómarsdottir the Shalala dance company in Reykjavík. He took part in the Shalala creations "Teach us to outgrow our madness", "We saw monsters", "To The Bone" amongst others which have been touring internationally the last years. Valdimar has also been composing music for the Icelandic dance-company, Two dogs company and Kris Verdonck in Brussels amongst other things. He plays with and composes for the Icelandic punk rock band Reykjavik!.



Concept, music, text: Erna Ómarsdóttir and Valdimar Jóhannsson

Sound: Lieven Dousselaere

Production and distribution: Esther Welger-Barboza

Duration: 60min



9 July  0.00-1.00  CULTURE HOUSE     sold out