8 July 23.00 - 04.00



;paranoia publishing

;paranoia publishing group a major international company

the name comes from fenno-ugric words para (absolute) and noid (shaman/stalker)

the semantic shift in the name is characteristic to our agenda : 

focus on innovation, destruction of reality, consumer satisfaction etc

we provide our clients with carefully selected textual operations:

- the most psychotic transborder dataflows
- irreversibly immanence-crossing deterritorialisations
- breakbeat of meta-meanings and hallucinating psycho geographies
- statistically the most abnormal texts on the contemporary literary market

all our products meet internationally approved quality standards

100% corporate responsibility and sustainibility

sit back, relax and enjoy our cutting edge products


ali asker

[pronounce: alí askér] 

Explores soundscapes on this and that side of the Solar System




Emer Värk and Renzo van Steenbergen

Join us for some harsh experimental electronic music and live cinema with two genre-defying artists: Emer Värk and Renzo van Steenbergen. Sometimes noisy, sometimes minimalist, rich, immersive, danceable and austere, but overall a challenging and exhilarating audio-visual meditation that will have your head bopping and your heart pumping. Mix up some heroïne beats with some lucid visuals, and let’s go!

Renzo van Steenbergen thinks that music does not exist in time but rather creates it, and considers that music is not the art of sound but rather the art of the transcendence of sound. On his long road he has performed for many years with Feedbacksociety, one of the older and longest standing experimental audiovisual art and noise collectives from the infamous underground scene of The Hague and has been the programmer and initiator of Seveninchrecordings and Seveninchprojects.

The shows vary from Live-Cinema performances to ritualistic noise mantras to installation performances to brutal noise acts. His music has been released on Double Cross Records, Sleeping Beast, Cyberfarts Records, S.I.R and Audioscoop. Currently he is mostly active as a sound artist and theatre maker in Estonia.

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Emer Värk is an Estonian artist primary focused on projections and light in the space and its influences on our perception, mood and emotions. Emer was introduced to creating art on a computer at the age of twelve and from the age of sixteen he started to work as graphic designer but broadened his work to moving images on and off screen stuff. He studied in Tallinn University Baltic Film and Media School, in field of film directing then turning to realisation and direction.

Since 2008 Emer has been working as a freelance artist in the field of theatre, film, visuals and light-art and has been rocking as a Vj and video artist with different national and international music artists and festivals and institutions.

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After collaborating several times they have decided to once again put their forces and gear together and put MIM and hopefully you to a test and take you on a journey of whatever will be on their mind this evening.