Täpp / Paiste / Kuusk / Kala / Bartels / Seppik / Kröönström (Estonia)

Täpp / Paiste / Kuusk / Kala / Bartels / Seppik / Kröönström (Estonia)



A wedding is a phenomenon that everyone has an idea of – whether it stems from films, theater, the experience of friends, family, or one’s own past, present or future. Holding a wedding is a decision in which the pros and cons are important, whether the beginning of partnership is celebrated or not.

The performance „In sickness and in health” is a wedding with a formal and informal part: gathering, ceremony, congratulating and celebrating. The guests are part of the happiest day of two people’s lives, they join the couple on a physical and emotional journey: strolling from place to place, touching different spheres of the emotional spectrum. All parties participate in a ritual, a sociocultural game where the onlookers play along.

As always, the impulse is to simply smile, hope for a perfect day and to sympathize silently because such is the custom - a wedding is an event where no one is allowed to have doubts. But what if this time someone asked “why”? Why, how, to whom is it held and what does it mean? What is the purpose of the wedding, its thousand details? What is behind the choices? Why do people get married and hold weddings; who even has the right to do so? Why is the veil of idealism so suffocating - is the moment that seems so real tinged with grain or two of fiction, delusions, hidden motives, or even hopelessness? How does all this affect sincerity, care, love?

As is the custom at a wedding, the guests will be entertained by a live band, the lights flash and the plates and glasses are emptied. There is dancing and singing, toasts, speeches and laughter. You can see the happiness and exaltation. And tears. Not just out of joy. Because the illusion only lasts a certain time: how long can you hide from the mundanity, suppress the vices and gloom, hide the desires and greed of human nature. In the end, we’re only humans. Nothing more. Or maybe…? Hooray! Wedding day!

NB! The wedding’s duration is 3 hours in total. During this time, there is walking around the city and buildings (on different levels and floors). Loud music is played at the wedding.


Fri 5.07 17:00 Rahvaaed BUY TICKET (sold out)

Sat 6.07 18:00 Rahvaaed BUY TICKET (sold out)

Recommended from the age of 14.

Idea and director: Robin Täpp; Author-performers: Maria Paiste, Mihkel Kuusk, Liisbeth Kala, Karl Jakob Bartels, Maria Helena Seppik, Oskar Kröönström; Production dramaturg: Isabel Laiapea; Designer: Reti Pauklin; Lighting designer: Timo Tali; Sound designer: Tõnis Veelmaa; Musicians: Ott Ajaots, Markus Lehtsalu, Robin Kiisholts; Stage and lighting technician: Mairon Tovstsik; Video technicians: Deili Post, Tom Tristan Kidron; Sound technician: Sigrid Koor; Organizer: Eleriin Miilman

Additionally, the community of Rakvere is participating.

In cooperation with University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy.

Supported by EELC (The Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church) Rakvere Congregation of the Trinity, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Culture Centre in Viru Nigula Parish, Moe Distillery, Municipality of Rakvere, Municipality of Viljandi, MTÜ KaRakTer, Nudist Drinks, Pizzakiosk, Rakvere Cultural Centre, Rakvere Vocational School, Re-use Center, University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy.