Festival Club

Festival Club is open 3.07–6.07 23:00–03:00.


23:00–03:00 The DJ-s from festival opening performance "Postsummer Choir", the 31st class of EAMT School of Performing Arts



23:00–00:30 DJ Märten Matsu

00:30–02:30 DJ Johannes Richard Sepping 

02:30–03:00 DJ Laura Niils 



23:00–00:00 DJ Rainer Elhi

00:00–01:00 White Girl live concert

01:00–03:00 DJ Paul Henrich Daude

White Girl is the alter ego of performance artist Elina Masing, who has gained fame on the alternative music scene in recent years. The artist's performances are performatively captivating and avant-garde. The musician's journey began as part of the band 5HORSES, and in 2020 he released his debut single "Tra pls" as a solo artist, which has collected over 40,000 listens to date. In recent years, White Girl has been on tour in Central Europe with the duo Putan Club and has successfully performed in dozens of cities. Elina Masing has directed in collaboration with, for example, Kanuti Gildi SAAL and Tartu Elektriteater. In May, his modern interpretation of the play "Bakhandid" premiered in the Tartu 2024 capital of culture program. As an actor, he plays the main character in Marko Raad's feature film "The 8 Faces of Lake Biwa" and in autumn he can be seen in a supporting role in Liina Triškina-Vanhatalo's film "Mother Lion".



23:00–01:00 DJ´d Maria Helena Seppik ja Getriin Kotsar

01:00–02:00 Mihkel Kuusk live concert

02:00–03:00 DJ Jaune Kimmel 

Mihkel: "I long to experience the shaking of the concert venue, the potential collapse that would end with the feeling of freedom, the passion of being alive. Every concert is a step towards that."
Mihkel Kuusk is a solo artist who plays with the sound of electropop music, using his voice, synthesizers and acoustic instruments (organ, drums). He creates a performative audiovisual whole on the stage where, in addition to the music, space also plays a part.